Where to find the best Virtual Assistant for your Solar Installation Business this COVID-19

As environmental crisis is rising, and the value of solar power is falling, the demand for the solar business industry increases yearly. It’s leading the businesses in this industry to outline in expanding their business, which includes hiring individuals to keep the business running smoothly as the executives work on other substantial things specially on these times that social distancing is enforced, brought by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Together with the rise of the solar business industry is also the rise of the Virtual Assistant (VA) role. You can get VAs globally, not only from your local area. Employers can save since hiring a VA is a lot cheaper than having someone work for them from the local area. It doesn’t only benefit the employers but the workers, too, with first-world currency rates.

It all sounds good, but the question remains...

Where to find virtual assistants?

Finding the right Virtual Assistant can be overwhelming Here are recommended sites that will help you with your search for the right VA for your solar installation business
  1. CloudWorkers.ph
  2. Upwork
  3. GetMagic.com 
  4. Vasumo 
  5. Fiverr
  6. Fancy Hands
  7. TimeEtc.com

1. CloudWorkers.ph

CloudWorkers.ph, have competent, loyal, multitasking and highly-skilled Filipino Virtual Assistants who can work for you to ensure the success of your business operations. Each of these virtual assistants have been trained and regularly monitored by experts to deliver more than satisfying work results. They have an excellent 24/7 internet access and great communication skills that make it easier for clients all over the world to work with them.

2. Upwork.com

Being the leading site for freelancers (with more than 12 million), you can find all sorts of virtual assistants here. Hiring a virtual assistant on this platform is made easy for the employer. You can just post a job ad or search for resumes on this site. They also have their own billing system and time-tracker which is really employer-friendly. Upwork definitely gives you an easy breezy experience from finding a virtual assistant to hiring one.

3. GetMagic.com

Hiring their personal assistants is exactly like what their company name entails. It’s magic! They are literally just a text away to every whim you have for a project. Whether it may be about research, data entry or delivering goods to your home, Magic’s personal assistant will be there for you like a 24-7 personal concierge. Their services are also not costly since they charge per minute, rather than for a monthly subscription. If you just want to crash that quick to-do task, might as well contact Magic to do the work.

4. Vasumo

This company offers experienced workers who have a minimum of 3 years of experience in digital marketing. The price of their service may be higher compared to other companies, but it’s totally worth it. You will definitely get what you paid for.

5. Fiverr.com

If you’re looking for cheap and want tasks done fast, then Fiverr is best for you. Fiverr was originally named because of its cheap cost – only $5 – for each simple task done. It now has a wide array of services with different costs depending on the difficulty of the task. This site is best for those who want to have tasks done on graphic design, music & audio, and data entry.

6. Fancy Hands

If you need simple tasks done asap, then this company is for you. They offer live assistance on requests that can be done on a maximum of 20 minutes. Standard requests are also available, but most are for coordinating with 3rd parties, communicating back and forth, or research. If you want fast, think fancy hands.

7. TimeEtc.com

Experience is definitely their advantage. Their assistants have a minimum experience of 5 years with a range of different skill sets. They offer monthly plans for 10, 20, 40 or 60 hours of assistance. And if you haven’t used all these hours up for the current month, then it will just be carried over next month. This really sounds fair to the employers. If you’re looking for someone who would constantly help you on a project, then this site is for you. Cost may be pricey, but definitely worth every penny.

How can Virtual Assistants work for your solar installation business?

The Virtual Assistant title is broad, although they can cover a lot of areas for your needs but you can’t expect a single person to be capable of handling all tasks that you have in mind. Each VA has different skill sets, capabilities, and experiences. Here are some burdens that VAs can bear for you

  • Administrative - Email management, Scheduling, Appointment setting
  • Sales assistance and Customer service
  • Marketing - Advertising, Marketing research, Business branding, Lead generation
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Social Management 
  • Web content writing - Blog writing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Data entry 

Whatever task you have in mind that you’d like to unload, there’s always a Virtual Assistant that can help you! You just need to find the right one.

How do I know that this Virtual Assistant is the right one?

You can assess the VAs experiences to validate if he/she is the right person that you need for your solar installation business. Here’s where CloudWorkers.ph can help you the most. With CloudWorkers.ph, we will introduce to you a candidate who can meet your needs. But of course, the final decision of whether you want to hire him/her is in your hands.

Hiring Virtual Assistants will require effort in monitoring and managing them, but you won’t have to do that since here in CloudWorkers.ph, we have virtuoso managers who will take care of that for you. Yes, we define convenience on a whole different level!

CloudWorkers.ph is also equipped with tools that are necessary for our VAs to work efficiently. These tools are: 

  • Task Timer - This is to document how much time the VA used to work on the task you gave. It can also show an overview if he/she is productive or not.

  • File-sharing/Storage apps - We got this covered for you! The file-sharing/storage application will synchronize with you, our managers, and the VAs. Having this tool is a must since you will not deal with any of your VAs physically, it will ensure an efficient retrieval and sending of data. You won’t have to worry about files and data breaches since our VAs have signed a contract to ensure that your files and data are safe.

  • Communication tool - Communicating with your VAs is crucial in keeping a harmonious working relationship. Whether it be conducting weekly meetings with the team or asking for daily updates from a VA, we got the perfect tool for that. 

CloudWorkers.ph caters services to a wide range of industries including Solar Installation Businesses. You can hire a VA in either of the two ways:

1. Hire-your-own Virtual Assistant

Recruit and hire on your own terms. Post a job hiring in CloudWorkers.ph and let Filipino jobseekers come to you.

2. Premium Cloud Worker Service

Tell us what you need, we'll recruit and manage remote employees for you. Have your own full-time employees without the headaches that usually come with hiring people online. Call us or schedule a consultation so we can recommend a plan that meets your manpower requirements best suited for your business needs.

We know that handling these tasks is a no-brainer for you, but allow us to help you unload them so you can focus more on the things that are more important to you. CloudWorkers.ph will have your back anytime.


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