5 Unique Ways Roofing Companies Can Achieve Growth by Hiring Virtual Assistants this COVID-19 Pandemic

A lot of construction businesses especially roofing companies typically rely on the traditional way of acquiring clients which are through word of mouth. There are times in a year that roofing companies are too busy with the on-site work that they miss opportunities to acquire more clients and do administrative work.

If you hire a virtual assistant, a lot of burdens will be lifted up your shoulders. A virtual assistant can help you focus more on your business in this challenging times where social distancing is enforced because of Coronavirus pandemic.

Here's how a virtual assistant can help you:

1. Customer Service

Is your staff burdened by unanswered queries, missed leads, unanswered phone calls?

Worry less because a virtual assistant can do this for you. They can help you improve your customer service and convert prospects to customers because of quick response.

2. Recruitment

Imagine you have a current project and all your manpower is working on it and at the same time you got another call from a customer who wants to avail your services. This is the time you will need additional manpower for your roofing business but you don't have the time to screen applicants and schedule them for interviews. A virtual assistant can help you in the job posting, shortlisting of applicants, scheduling interviews, and on-boarding.

3. Project Management

It's difficult to stay on track especially if your project manager is working on on-site operations, financials, and other administrative tasks. He/she can delegate tasks to a virtual assistant to keep your projects on schedule and organize.

4. Online Presence

With the current situation we are in, having an online presence whether it's a website or a social media account can mean profit for roofing companies.

An online presence can only be useful if your website can be found with a quick search on Google and if it looks professional. The same goes with your social media accounts. It must be regularly updated and the contents must be uniform and relevant. A virtual assistant can help you with designing your website and marketing your services through the use of social media. 

5. Accounting/Bookkeeping/Admin Support

Yes, you can also outsource your accounting/bookkeeping/admin tasks to a virtual assistant. No need to rush and miss deadlines for your government-mandated filings. Recording your financial transactions can be easier if you have a virtual assistant, too.

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