Hiring Virtual Assistants for Reputation Management Consultants during COVID-19 – A Must!

Lots of Online Reputation Management Consultants fail! Why? Because the process of online reputation management might seem very simple at first sight or hearing, but people who actually do it are being overwhelmed by the complexities and the gravity of each of the tasks included to complete the whole process.

Social media nowadays has become rampant all across the entire world. To say that is very popular is an extreme understatement. Social media has become a necessity to individuals, families and households as well as a powerful tool for large and small companies or businesses. It has become the number one stage in communicating and in expressing ideas, opinions and even emotions.

Because of this, more than 90% of business feedbacks will be regularly displayed on social media platforms, with millions and millions of audiences viewing it. How people perceive the business is extremely reliant on how they are being showcased in social media. The unfortunate truth about this, is that one negative review can severely damage the business and unsatisfied consumers are more likely to leave a review than happy consumers. Thus, online reputation management has become a tremendously challenging and crucial task making it hard for consultants to do their job with 100% satisfaction rating from their clients.

Virtual Assistants To The Rescue! 

What can they do for your online reputation management business?


There are hundreds of social media pages where consumers can write about the products or services of a business. Each and every review must not go on unnoticed. VAs can be the one to read all of the reviews in all platforms where your client’s business is included.


VAs can respond to positive reviews that will add up to the good reputation of the business; as well as respond to negative reviews saving the business from a bad reputation. They can do so in a timely manner making the customers feel that their experiences and opinions matter and they are valued by your clients.


Like what was earlier stated in this article, unsatisfied customers are more likely to leave a review than the happy ones. This is very bad for the business. The VAs can combat this by creating a systematic and effective way to entice and command the happy customers to leave a review.


Every time a business gets a positive review or a five star, it gives them opportunities for great marketing and the VAs can show it off to social media platform that will surely add to the good reputation of your client’s business. Like how all the reviews must not go unnoticed, so as all the good reviews must not go unshown and this can be done by the Virtual Assistants.

Why Hire Virtual Assistants?

We have now established how daunting and exhausting online reputation management is. Working without any assistants can lead to unfinished tasks, incomplete process and insufficient output. Without support from virtual assistants, it will be almost impossible to finish everything there is to do.

Reading thousands of reviews, responding to each of them and showcasing everything positive about the business on dozens of social media platforms on an everyday basis takes a lot of effort and time; and imagine doing this for all of your clients. It is just unthinkable!

Fortunately, virtual assistants are here to help you. They can do all the review monitoring and responding while you take care of other important matters like dealing with your clients and updating them about how things are going and even expanding your business as an Online Reputation Manager. They can take care of your clients’ market while you take care of your clients and your business. Not only will the virtual assistants take most of the workload, but they can also give you time to rest and recharge enabling you to have clearer thinking and better performance.

Together, We Can Do Better!

Here in CloudWorkers.ph, we have competent, loyal, multitasking and highly-skilled Virtual Assistants who can work for you to ensure the success of your business operations. Each of these virtual assistants have been trained and regularly monitored by experts to deliver more than satisfying work results. They have an excellent 24/7 internet access and great communication skills that make it easier for clients all over the world to work with them.

Filipinos are known to be hardworking, adaptable and hospitable. Here in CloudWorkers.ph, we make sure that each of our employees possesses those admirable traits that we are known for. We also guarantee that their skills are competitive with what the global workforce has to offer. 

CloudWorkers.ph caters services to a wide range of industries including Reputation Management Consultants. You can choose in either of the two ways:

1. Hire-your-own Virtual Assistant

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So hire a Virtual Assistant and experience your Online Reputation Management business flourish like never before! Let us work together and achieve greater!